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Winery land produces 880 lb Dinosaur Bone

Angeac-Charente, a wine-growing village in southwestern France that has continued to produce various prehistoric gems over the years thanks to it’s humid, subtropical climate millions of years ago, is producing yet another exciting discovery.  The latest discovery comes from a site in France, near Bordeaux, where scientists have unearthed a femur, is over 2 meters long and weighs over 880 pounds! 

Scientists say it probably belonged to a gigantic sauropod and could be sued to help complete an incomplete set of bones that the latest find resembles.

“We were wondering how big it was. We kept saying, ‘Oh, there’s more!'” said Maxime Lasseron, the doctoral student who made the gigantic discovery.

The femur will now undergo testing to find out if they belonged to a similar type of sauropod. 2019 marks the 10th annual dig at the site, which stretches over 8,000 square feet.  The site’s owners have already given scientists the approval to excavate another 4,000 meters of land

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