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Shots fired in Kankakee Sunday leads to car chase ending at Bourbonnais residence  

Two firearms were recovered on scene after reports of shots fired on Emery Drive

BOURBONNAIS – Two firearms were recovered over the weekend  in the 100 block of Emery Drive shortly after reports of shots fired in the area.

According to Bourbonnais Police, it happened just after 6:30pm Sunday evening when the incident was reported. 

“Two nearby residences and one vehicle were reported to have been struck by bullets.” Bourbonnais Police said in a press release Tuesday. “No one was injured.”

“We would like the public to know this was indeed an isolated incident,” said Chief of Police, Jim Phelps. “This is an ongoing investigation; however, there is no threat to public safety at this time. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation in bringing these individuals to justice – we will not tolerate this type of careless and senseless violence in our community.”

Officers investigating report the shots were a continuation of an incident that happened one hour prior in Kankakee that later lead to a car chase through the Village of Bradley onto I-58 and ended at the Bourbonnais residence where one of the passengers lived.

“We understand with recent shooting events, the sensitivity and fear involving public safety,” explained Chief Phelps. “No city is without crime; however, public safety is, and always will be, the number one priority for Bourbonnais Police and the Village of Bourbonnais we protect.”

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