St. Patrick’s Day Surprise: Chicago Outpaced by New York, Boston for Top Celebration Spots


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Chicago, IL – In a surprising twist, Chicago, known for its spirited green river and festive parades, has been ranked behind New York and Boston as one of the best cities for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 

Despite hosting a remarkable 93 events and parades, the Windy City finds itself in third place, leaving many Chicagoans pondering what led to their city’s lower ranking.

According to the Celtic Titles Study, while Chicago leads in the number of St. Patrick’s Day events, it falls short in other key areas that contribute to the overall experience. New Orleans, LA, surpasses Chicago with an average of 420 searches per capita, reflecting a higher local enthusiasm for the holiday. Additionally, New York City boasts the highest number of Irish pubs, with 107 on Yelp, which may imply a more robust Irish pub culture that appeals to both locals and tourists.

Boston, MA, takes the lead in Irish heritage, with 19.4% of its population claiming Irish ancestry, potentially translating to more authentic and widespread St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. These factors, combined with the density and accessibility of events in these cities, could explain why Chicago, despite its impressive offerings, didn’t clinch the top spot. 


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