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Tourism to Kankakee County Contributing to Record Economic Growth in Illinois

Kankakee County generated $4 million in local tax revenue and $150.64 million in visitor expenditures

Kankakee County, IL – The Illinois Office of Tourism announced both international and domestic travel expenditures reached $41.7 billion in 2018 which is a $2 billion boost to the state’s economy since 2017. More than 117 million visitors came to Illinois in 2018 – the 8th consecutive year of record tourism growth in the state – contributing to an increase of visitor spending, tax revenue and local jobs.

Kankakee County contributed to the state’s added economic domestic growth, with $150.64 million in travel expenditures (a 5.9% increase) and $4 million in local tax revenue (a 4.4% increase). More than5,200 jobs were created across the state as a result of visitor spending, with 20 of them in Kankakee County.

“Tourism is a critical part of our economy, helping to boost local and state tax revenue and create jobs,” said Jan Kemmerling, Acting Director of the Illinois Office of Tourism. “From scenic road trips, stunning state parks, amazing family-friendly attractions and spectacular nightlife, Illinois offers incredible experiences for visitors all year long.”

Economic Impact of Domestic Travel for Kankakee County:
Travel expenditures – $150.64 million (5.9% increase)
Local tax revenue – $4 million (4.4% increase)

“The Kankakee County Convention & Visitors Bureau looks forward to attracting visitors as we continue to work hard to develop the region as a tourist destination,” says Staci Wilken, Executive Director.

The interest in Kankakee County as a place to enjoy outdoor adventure continues to grow. The region will see a new hotel open in early 2020, adding close to 100 rooms to our inventory, and having large crowds at “Illinois. Are You Up For Amazing?” Chicago Bears Training Camp is always a great opportunity to highlight all the reasons to visit Kankakee County.”

In 2018, Illinois had 114.6 million domestic visitors, of which over 80% came for leisure. Roughly 2.3 million international visitors came last year. Over the past 10 years, domestic travel to Illinois has increased by 26 million visitors, supporting 342,300 jobs in 2018, an increase of over 6,000 since the previous year.

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