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Gov. Pritzker Signs New Law Improving Kennel Safety

Governor JB Pritzker signed a new law today to ensure that dogs or cats that are placed in a kennel are safe at all times.
“This commonsense law will protect pets from senseless tragedies and further our state’s commitment to animal welfare,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “We’re putting safety first and making sure the tragedy that West Chicago experienced in January will never happen again.”
The new law requires kennels to either be staffed at all times or install a fire alarm or sprinkler system in every building where animals are housed that notifies local fire departments. House Bill 3390 was introduced and passed after the tragic death of 31 dogs in a West Chicago kennel fire in January 2019. Fire investigators say there were working smoke detectors but likely no one there to hear them.
HB 3390 takes effect immediately.
“Today’s legislation is a win for dog and cat owners across Illinois, who can now rest assured that if they have to leave their beloved pets at a kennel, they will be protected in the event of a fire,” said Rep. Diane Pappas (D-Itasca). “With this law, Illinois becomes the first state in the nation to extend these kennel fire protections to our furry family members.”
“HB 3390 is an effort to ensure our pets, who’re often times like family members, are being kept safe while they’re temporarily being cared for at a boarding facility,” said Sen. Don DeWitte (R-St. Charles). “The fire last January at a West Chicago kennel that killed 31 animals was heartbreaking. This new law gives pet owners peace of mind to know that their pet is in a safe environment even when staff isn’t on hand.”

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