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Thursday, August 18, 2022

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Vehicles could be stranded till Monday with No-Tow in effect for area

BOURBONNAIS – With conditions deteriorating across the area due to strong snow and wind, Illinois State Police District 21 Ashkum has activated the Emergency Snow Plan for the area.

“Calls for motorists in ditches and crashes are increasing.” Illinois State Police District 21 Ashkum said Saturday night. “Stranded motorist will be taken to shelter until it’s safe to tow the vehicle. This may not be done until tomorrow or possibly even Monday.”

IDOT reported conditions deteriorating in southern Cook County as early as 4:45 pm this afternoon. Up to 9 inches of snow has been forecast for our area.

Under the plan, a no-tow order is now in effect. Officers report injury related incidents will still be taken care of, but do not advise traveling at this time.

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