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Watseka Schools will live stream sports games during pandemic

WATSEKA – Athletic games in Iroquois County CUSD #9 are set to be live streamed in the coming days following movement into Phase 4 mitigations in Region 6.

Superintendent Dr. David Andriano made the announcement in a letter to parents Monday afternoon.

“Sporting events will still have some restrictions, but our students will now have the opportunity to play. Our Athletic directors at both WCHS and Glenn Raymond are working very hard at following these guidelines by our conferences and will be relaying “the rules” to you as they transpire.”  Andriano wrote Monday night.  “All games will be streamed live for you to view.”

Under Phase 4 mitigations, up to 50 fans can be allowed inside to view matchups, not including coaches and players. Watseka is one of the area’s first schools to commit to a streaming option for parents during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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