Wilmington, IL – Kankakee River Above Flood Stage, Emergency Efforts Continue


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Wilmington, IL – As of Friday morning, the Kankakee River at Wilmington showed signs of a slow retreat, with levels recorded at 11.7 feet—still significantly over the flood stage by 5.2 feet. 

Persistent efforts by Will County Emergency Management to mitigate flooding include the redirection of warm water from the Dresden Nuclear Power Plant’s cooling lake to the river, in a strategic move to hasten the ice melting process along affected stretches.

This initiative is part of an emergency response following a declaration by Will County Executive Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant, aimed at addressing the critical conditions caused by the flooding. Despite the slight decrease in water levels, the situation remains serious, with the area still under the impact of the flood warning previously issued by the National Weather Service.

Residents in and around Wilmington have been facing this emergency since the river began to swell due to ice jams. The activation of the warm water siphon from the nuclear plant has shown some positive effects, but authorities are closely monitoring the river for any sudden changes. The community is urged to remain vigilant, follow all safety directives, and be prepared for potential evacuations. Local offi


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