Wisconsin Reports 1,543 Deer-Related Crashes Last June: Safety Tips for Drivers


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Madison, WI – The Wisconsin Department of Transportation is urging drivers to be vigilant for deer, especially as young deer are separating from their mothers. Last June, preliminary figures showed 1,543 crashes involving deer.

According to the department, motorists can reduce the risk of deer-related collisions by slowing down, eliminating distractions, and scanning the road ahead carefully. Vehicle-deer crashes tend to peak in November due to mating season, but June also sees a significant number due to increased deer activity. The department recommends extra caution during dawn and dusk when deer are most active. 

To avoid accidents, drivers should use high beams when possible to spot deer from a distance, and if a collision seems unavoidable, it’s safer to hit the deer rather than swerve, which can lead to more severe accidents. 

Wisconsin drivers are encouraged to report any deer-related collisions to local authorities to help track and manage wildlife activity. By staying alert and following these guidelines, motorists can help reduce the number of deer-related crashes.


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