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79th District Candidate Hass calls for Madigan Resignation, asks Eads to join her

House Republican candidate Jackie Haas sent out a call this afternoon for her challenger, Democrat Candidate Charlene Eads, to reject Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan following the U.S. Attorney’s office in Chicago announcement Friday

The federal investigation involves an alleged “years-long bribery scheme” involving jobs, contracts and payments to allies of Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan. Reports this afternoon say Mike Madigan’s office was served a grand jury subpoena for documents related to the investigation.

79th District candidate Jackie Hass was quick to jump on the attack this afternoon, calling for an all out rejection of Madigan.

“For too long, Illinoisans have felt powerless, but now we have an opportunity to chart a new path forward. That’s why I’m calling on Speaker Madigan to resign immediately and I’m asking my opponent, Charlene Eads to join me.” Hass said in a statement.

“We hear a lot of empty words from Springfield politicians. But this is personal for me. I’ve committed my life to serving others and I’ve successfully fought for our community. It’s time we repair the foundation of Illinois and that starts with ethics reform. I won’t ever back down, and I will always fight for your voice in Springfield.” Hass said Friday.

Eads promptly responded to the call out when asked this afternoon.

“I support ethics support in all levels of Government – In Washington DC, Springfield, and Kankakee County.  I believe the justice system should apply to everyone, including those in power. The election in the 79th district is about the people that live here and are struggling in unprecedented times.  I would be happy to debate the issues of the criminal justice reform, the future of the Kankakee River, job opportunities in the area, and improving our health care system with Ms. Hass.  I will not spend my time attacking any individuals.” Eads said Friday afternoon.

Madigan has not been charged with any wrongdoing in the investigation to date.


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