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Jonathon Toews joins Corey Crawford as ‘unfit to play’ status

Tuesday afternoon brought more woes for the Chicago Blackhawks, as Blackhawks Head Coach Jeremy Colliton said Captain Jonathon Toews was “unfit to play.”

On Monday, Colliton had said Toews was being kept “fresh.”

The team’s Captain joins fellow Stanely Cup Champion goalkeeper Corey Crawford on the list of those being held out of team stake as of today.  The Blackhawks are set to face off against the Oilers to begin a 24-team playoff tournament in just 10 days. The team has to report to the Edmonton Hub City on July 26th.

There was no reason given to why Toews or Crawford were deemed as ‘unfit’ but the NHL has yet to release any reasons of players being held out for COVID-19 related results. 

Toews recently said just last week he believed there was “uncertainty” as to how and why people catch coronavirus.  This after scientific and proven evidence has been in the public eye for months.

“Does anybody really know how and when people catch this thing?” Toews asked reporters at the time. “I think the best you can do is get good rest, eat healthy, take care of your body, kind of do the little things that lower your chances. What else can you do? Sitting around worrying about it is just going to drive you crazy.”

The comments ruffled feathers across the NHL.

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