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NFL x MARVEL Mash-Up for all 32 teams

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most popular story franchises to hit the big screen…well ever.  So, of course, it only makes sense that someone saw it fit to combine it with the nation’s most popular sport!  Justin Kozisek made the mash-up possible.

The Cleveland Browns meet one of the Fantastic Four’s elite. Does little to secure a player’s confidence in the protection though of course…

It’s shocking to see how some of these crossovers actually fit so well into the original designs!  To check out the full gallery, visit his website at JustKozy.com.

The Chicago Ultrons, who have little do with robots, unless you’re talking about those steel hearted kickers.
Silent but deadly “Planet Killers” who will move onto your turf unannounced overnight.
That sounds about right. RIP Baltimore.
Who’s ready to get Iron Fisted?
Somehow that doesn’t sway too far away from the original team name…odd.

To see all 32 NFL teams, click here.

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