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Gaming returns to Northfield Square

Switch It Up Video Gaming Lounge opens later this month

The stars of Fortnight, Mario Kart and so many other popular games will soon be conveniently located across from KanSai Japanese Hibachi Steakhouse and Sushi Bar at Northfield Square Mall.

“My very first gaming system was an academic reward.  I ended up bringing home all the A’s because I really wanted an NES system.” Says Ernest Edwards, owner of Switch It Up Gaming Mobile Gaming Party and the soon to be Switch It Up Video Gaming Lounge, “I do the same thing with my son.”

Edwards hopes to bring a family-friendly gaming atmosphere to Northfield Square when the Lounge opens, featuring a regular array of large 4k TVs, Nintendo, Playstation, XBOX, and VR gaming along with comfortable chairs, audio headsets, and a modern relaxed ambiance.

“My customers love the way (the Lounge) doesn’t force you to play a certain way.  You can get your own TV and get your own game, or use the connectivity to play with others.” Edwards says, “Not everyone is a social butterfly.”

Switch It Up Gaming Lounge features a wide variety of comfort for it’s guests.

Switch It Up plans to charge an hourly rate for the gaming experience.  Edwards says the rates and hours are still being finalized.  “A customer can just show up and there could be someone there they don’t even know and partner up with them, so long as the other person agrees to play with them.”

“A lot of people think gaming is just for kids, but there is a lot of adults that love it. “

– Ernest Edwards, Owner

Switch It Up will also keep a small variety of refreshments on hand for gamers.  Edwards says the Lounge experience will speak for itself.  Switch It Up plans to have a Content Grading Card handy for Parents to sign off on what their kids are allowed to play as well.  “We just want to keep it age appropriate.  We don’t carry Grand Theft Auto, but we’re not looking for some 6 year old to come in and be their source to play an MA rated game.”

Edwards says Switch It Up’s gaming library will be extensive, having titles the people want to play on hand most often, including games like Call of Duty, Fortnight, Mario Kart and Minecraft.

Games will be saved on the systems themselves.  So if a creative young architect comes in regularly to add to their Minecraft castle can add to their build over the course of days, weeks or months, it won’t be purged from the system, allowing for an in-home experience, outside of the house.

“A lot of people think gaming is just for kids, but there is a lot of adults that love it.  We have the Nintendo Online pass, so we’ll have a lot of retro classics on file that classic fans will enjoy.” Switch it Up Gaming Lounge opens later this month.

Rates start at $5 per half hour, $7 per hour, or $20 for four hours.

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