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Bourbonnais Fire Chief Ed St. Louis to retire following four decades service

Chief St. Louis has been asked to serve as Department Historian in retirement

BOURBONNAIS – Fire Protection District Chief Ed St. Louis announced this week after 42 years of service, he will enter retirement.

“At that time, Bourbonnais Fire Protection District was known as Bourbonnais “Rural” Fire Protection District, and was a separate entity from the Village of Bourbonnais Fire Department. Eventually the two departments merged. Over the years, we have added staffing, replaced equipment, established automatic aid with our neighbors, created a fire commission, negotiated our first labor agreement, and recently swore in our first three battalion chiefs.” St. Louis said in a letter Monday.

Chief St. Louis first began with the Fire Department in 1978 and will enter his last active day of service February 26th and officially step down on February 28th. Jim Keener will begin serving as Fire Chief the following day.

“It’s been a privilege and honor to serve the citizens and district throughout these years. I am deeply grateful for the opportunities that have been given me, and for the many friendships that I’ve been blessed with during this time.” St. Louis said, voicing support for the District, Board of Trustees and Fire Commission for support over the years.  “Finally, I wish to pay tribute to the members of the department who are no longer with us. We’ve had some wonderfully devoted people who have contributed greatly to this department over the years.”

St. Louis will continue to serve the Bourbonnais Fire Protection District as Department Historian in retirement.

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