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County Board approves agreement with KDC for new “Hub” mural in Downtown Kankakee

The Kankakee County Board unanimously agreed Tuesday morning to enter into an agreement with the Kankakee Development Corporation (KDC) for a new mural at 135 N. Schuyler Avenue in Kankakee.

The proposed mural, a preliminary design shown above called “Hub”, was designed by Dave Baron. “The design is a map of Kankakee County with Downtown Kankakee at the center and the rivers running through it,” Baron said in an interview on Tuesday.

“The changes in color reflect the primary roads of the county. I took inspiration from a mural that was painted on the intersection of Merchant and Schuyler a few years ago, which was a record player. That was such an innovative idea that is now a piece of our downtown history.”

The old mural that was at Merchant and Schuyler was designed by Michael Costanza. That mural was destroyed following street construction last year. [Photo: Facebook via Allison Toth Beasley‎]

“KDC plans to commission a few more murals like this in the coming months. They are intended to be interactive and “Instagramable” so that people will want to take pictures next to them and post on their social media feeds with a hashtag #DowntownKankakee.” Baron says.

KDC is working towards finalizing other mural projects, including the cement corral that is located next to the Farmers Market lot. The cement corral is owned by Midland States Bank.

A preliminary mockup of the mural’s placement at 135 N. Schuyler Avenue in Kankakee.

With today’s vote, the Kankakee County Board has to yet approve the final design. Baron hopes that will be approved within a month.  Costanza, who did the previous mural at Merchant and Schuyler, and KDC have been in contact about the new series of murals in Kankakee.

Artists looking to help aid in the creation of the murals can send thoughts and designs to info@downtownkankakee.com.


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