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First Big 10 Female Mascot? Students at University of Illinois say “YES”

If adopted by the University of Illinois Administration, the Belted Kingfisher would be the Big 10’s first female mascot. The logo was designed by University Student Spencer Husley.

URBANA — Votes are in at the University of Illinois-Champaign Urbana as students voted in favor of a logo designed by University student Spencer Hulsey last night as the University’s new Mascot.

In a general question text, the University asked 7,500 students if a Mascot Adoption should take place for the University.

The Mascot, a school colored belted kingfisher, which is native to Illinois, was approved by students as the new University Mascot with 4,222 total votes cast in favor of Husley’s design.

Roughly 3,500 students voted against the proposal.

The referendum is a preliminary proposal to adopt a new mascot before being sent to the University Administration. It’s not intended to change the name of “Fighting Illini”, but suggested to replace the mascot Chief Illiniwek which was banned by the NCAA in 2005.

If adopted by the administration, the Mascot would be the Big 10’s first female mascot, as the Belted Kingfisher is “naturally true to the orange and blue.”

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