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‘Deeply disturbed’ Rep. Parkhurst requesting ‘urgent action’ on Shapiro incidents

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State Representative Lindsay Parkhurst released a statement late last night regarding the ongoing developments at Shapiro Developmental Center. In the statement, Rep. Parkhurst says she’s requesting urgent action to be taken to protect those at the facility.

“I am deeply disturbed and saddened by the latest news reports about Shapiro. We began receiving calls and emails from Shapiro staff last week on problems at the facility. I brought the issues they were facing directly to the attention of the Governor’s Office and requested that urgent action be taken to protect the safety and well being of residents and staff at Shapiro.” Rep. Parkhurst said in a statement.

Rep. Parkhurst goes on to say there was ‘incompetence and gross mismanagement by DHS officials at the facility, urging Governor Pritzker to address the situation.

“The Department of Human Service’s (DHS) failure to promptly notify the families of residents at Shapiro is pure incompetence and gross mismanagement. DHS’s delay may very well endanger the lives of residents and staff. Similarly, we were told Shapiro staff were not given adequate access to PPE. If true, this is unacceptable. I again urge Governor Pritzker to address the issue with DHS. The residents of Shapiro are those most in need and the staff there does incredible work under difficult circumstances in normal times. The State must protect those who depend on us during this pandemic and make sure that residents and staff at Shapiro are properly equipped to deal with this emergency.”

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