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Monday, August 15, 2022

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Hundreds of gallons of gasoline spill in Iroquois County after third party damage to Marathon Pipe Line

IROQUOIS COUNTY – Marathon Pipe Line shut down a damaged pipeline in the area this week after it released over 1200 gallons of gasoline.

The information came in a press release Friday afternoon from the Iroquois County EMA after 130 responders showed up on the scene Wednesday for the incident.

“Gasoline has reached a field ditch, where it has been contained by several booms and is being removed. At this time, no gasoline has been observed in nearby Spring Creek. Environmental cleanup will continue for some time, during which all entities involved will continue to work together to restore the immediate area.” Iroquois County EMA reported Friday afternoon.  

Iroquois County Public Health Department officials were on hand to test waters supplies as a precaution but have yet to report any issues.

Iroquois County EMA reports the spill was caused by a third party after it damaged the 12-inch gasoline pipeline. No injuries were reported in the incident. No cause to how the pipeline had been damaged was given. 

The Marathon Pipe Line has since been repaired.

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