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IDVA reports COVID-19 among resident at Manteno Veterans Home

Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs is now reporting a case of COVID-19 among residents at the Manteno Veterans Home. On Saturday, IDVA announced a single case of COVID-19 among residents.

“One of the most crucial things we can do is continue to communicate with you in a timely, responsible, and transparent manner about COVID-19 (coronaviurs). Today we want to inform you that we are responding to news that a single resident has tested positive for COVID-19.” Administrator Tayna Smith for the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs wrote in a statement to the community over the weekend.

No details were given on the individual who tested positive.

“We are grateful to our team for remaining highly vigilant for signs or symptoms of COVID-19 and for being prepared for to respond swiftly, appropriately, and professionally to any potential cases.” Smith added.

On April 6th, a case of COVID-19 was reported in early April by a staff member of the Prince Home, a supportive unit for the Veterans home.  That employee was reported to have zero contact with others with the facility according to IDVA officials.  Less than a week later cases of the pandemic began to populate among employees at the Veterans Home.

Since that time, employees and residents expressed concerns allowing communal dining at the Veterans Home.  On Sunday, Illinois Department of Public Health doubled its COVID-19 count in the Manteno zip, from 25 total cases, to 51.

Manteno Veterans Home becomes the 8th long-term care facility in Kankakee County now reporting cases of COVID-19.

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