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Wednesday, July 6, 2022

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Kankakee Area Career Center goes remote, 22% student population quarantined

BOURBONNAIS – The Kankakee Area Career Center has made the decision to go remote after nearly a quarter of students attending the grounds have become quarantined.  The Career Center’s student population is made up of a variety of students from High Schools across the area.

“We are currently sitting at 22% of our student population is in a quarantine status and six employees who have been exposed or is in quarantine due to COVID,” said Executive Director of the Kankakee Area Career Center Matthew Kelley Thursday night in a statement. 

Kelley says Friday will be used as a teacher prep day with students engaging remotely beginning November 16th. Plans are in place to return to in-person instructions November 30th.

“We believe this pause and re-engagement is the best form of mitigation for the current situation,” Kelley added. “If the situation on the grounds changes again, we will be flexible and make additional changes to assure continuation of an exceptional education experience here at the Kankakee Area Career Center.”

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