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Walpurgis Night! A 2nd Halloween America needs

Halloween has outsold Christmas by leaps and bounds since the early 2000s, so why has no one tried to commercialize Walpurgis Night?  It’s the second Halloween American not only needs…but deserves.

Walpurgis Night was originally a Germanic and Scandinavia holiday that dates back almost as far ast eh British pagan counterpart, Beltaine.   It celebrated a night when darkness of the spirit world was closer than ever to our plain of existence and the celebration that ensued would push the darkness back for another pure season.

It also marks the exact halfway point until October 31st.

Now I’m not here to tell you the complete unabridged history of the holiday, you all have Google.  What I am here to ask is why has this not become more dominate in American culture?

Think of the possibilities.  Massive bonfire parties!  A kickoff to a celebration for Summer and kids finally finishing up with college term papers. Sweden does it right, as seen above.  A reason to get dressed up in your best Harry Potter gear and go fully charged into the night to battle off demons and witches alike.

Halloween is a celebration.  Walpurgis is preparing for the battle of the rest of the year.

Be it personal demons, warding off your own families curses or just trying to treat the holiday as another jumpstart at that New Years resolution.  Walpurgis seems like a beautiful combination of everything we love about Halloween and holidays and general wrapped up into a bonding experience that deserves a place at the table for discussion.

So whether your great grandpop was an ancient witch hunter or you are just dealing with your own horrible lists of transgressions in your own family, give us a bonfire and a beer and we’re glad to participate.

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