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Kankakee County Election Results

KANKAKEE – As of 10 pm, all precincts in Kankakee County had reported. You can view races below or visit the Kankakee County Clerk’s website, here for final results.

The Kankakee County Clerk reported the highest turnout in Kankakee County late Tuesday night since 1992. In total, 49,990 voters turned out in Kankakee County, representing 74.56% of all voters in the County.

President/Vice President (KANKAKEE ONLY)

Donald J Trump (R) – 28,410 votes

Joseph R. Biden (D) – 20,112 votes


Mark C. Curran Jr. (R) 26,374 votes

Richard J. Durbin (D) 19,608 votes

Congress 2nd District

Theresa J. Raborn (R) 27,957 votes

Robin Kelly (D) 20,545 votes

State Senator 40th District

Erick M. Wallace (R) 19,198 votes

Patrick J. Joyce (D) 20,116 votes

State Representative 34th District

Nicolas Smith (D) 6,057 votes

State Representative 79th District

Republican Jackie Haas (R) has won the 79th District Seat with 24,396 votes, defeating challenger Charlene Eads (D) who recieved 14,474 votes.

Grant Park Fire Question

Voters rejected the referendum


Jake Lee is projected to win another term as Kankakee Auditor, receiving over 28,000 votes. As of 9pm, Lee lead his Libertarian challenger Kyle Evans by 20,000 votes with 76% of all precincts reporting.

Bourbonnais Fire Question

Bourbonnais Fire lost a referendum question with voters overwhelmingly responding NO (6,068) to 4,609 residents who supported the measure.

Limestone Fire Question

Limestone Fire lost a referendum for funding it’s fire department, by less than 200 votes.

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