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Kankakee man charged with murder, attempt to conceal homicide in Soldier Creek case

KANKAKEE – Kankakee Police have arrested a man in connection with a partially decomposed body found in Soldier Creek earlier this week.

Ruth Collins, 49, of Kankakee, had been missing since October 1st. Police found her body during the late morning hours Wednesday when they came across her decomposing remains in the Soldier Creek tunnel under 400 block of North East Street.

Police were searching for a missing person at the time.

Kankakee Police arrested 29-year-old Elijah J. Harrell in connection with the death Thursday. Harrell was booked into the Jerome Combs Detention Center just after 7 pm Thursday on murder charges, including an attempt to conceal a homicide.

No bond or court date has been set in the case.

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