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Kankakee Public Library and Fortitude Community Outreach January Donation Drive

The Kankakee Public Library and Fortitude Community Outreach needs your help! We are seeking specific donations to help the homeless in our community. Fortitude is a homeless outreach program who seek to help the neediest in our community by partnering with local churches and agencies to deliver food, clothing, information and moreon a weekly basis.Each month, the Kankakee Public Library will have a donation that targets specific items to donate to help others within the community. January’s item is quality adult-sized gloves.Fortitude is asking for sturdy gloves, not the knit kind, that can withstand very cold temperatures.

Donations can be deposited in the designated blue bin inside the doors of the Kankakee Public Library. Thank you for your participation!For more information, contact us at 815-939-4564.

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