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Friday, July 1, 2022

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Kankakee Sheriff announces closure of Detention Facilities to public

Kankakee, IL – Sheriff Mike Downey announced today to protect inmates at the Jerome Combs Detention Center along with the Kankakee County Detention Center from COVID-19, it will close off access to detention facilities to the general public.

Beginning at 5 pm today, facilities will be on lockdown from the general public and will only be accessible to staff. All visitations will need to be conducted from a remote location. For more information visit the website here.

All inmates being brought in to the Jerome Combs Detention Center will be subject to more intense medical screening questions. All in-house jail programs conducted by outside volunteers have been suspended.

Anyone with questions and concerns should call jail administration at 815-802-7215 or 815-802-7223.

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