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Kankakee Sheriff responses limited due to COVID-19

Kankakee Sheriff’s Department announced earlier this afternoon Sheriff’s Office personnel as well as other first-responders will be limited due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.  Sheriff Mike Downey has modified current police response policies. Effective immediately, deputies will make every effort to limit exposure to the general public for non-life threatening calls for service.

“We ask that the community understand that these unprecedented times calls for unique measures to ensure the safety of everyone,” said Sheriff Mike Downey. “Please make every effort to limit exposure by explaining as much information as possible to our emergency dispatchers and by remaining patient with our first-responders.”

Specific calls include:

  • General information
  • Reporting on past incidents

Deputies will still respond to emergency calls and in-progress calls where their presence is needed.  So far, over 17 counties in Illinois as of Wednesday have reported cases of COVID-19.  No cases have been reported in Kankakee or Iroquois County with two cases confirmed in Will County.

This afternoon, the State of Illinois announced a website earlier today for exclusive updates on the Coronaviurs.  That website is coronavirus.illinois.gov.

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