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Peotone HS returns to full in-person learning for entire student body Nov 2nd

PEOTONE – Peotone CUSD 207U announced Friday Peotone High School will no longer be adopting an A/B schedule and will return to full in-person learning, beginning November 2nd.

“Peotone High School has made the decision that, beginning Monday, November 2nd, we will be transitioning back to in-person instruction for the entire student body.”  Peotone High School Principal Jason Spang announced Friday afternoon in a letter to parents.

The change was announced on Friday, the same day Region 7 fell back into Phase 3 mitigations due to a surge in COVID-19 positivity across Will and Kankakee County.

Spang’s letter cited ‘challenges’ and ‘adjustments to improve aspects of remote learning’ as reasoning for the switch.  

“When we return from Halloween weekend beginning Monday, November 2, Peotone High School will no longer be conducting an A/B schedule.” Spang added in the statement. “PHS Families that have made the decision to opt for full remote learning may continue to remain in that format if they so choose.”

The change means all students at Peotone High School who choose to attend in-person learning will be in the building with teachers, each day.  School will continue to run on a shortened schedule from 8:20 am to 12:05 pm.

Spang added for all future school closures, students and teachers would both converse and engage in a live-stream format, following bell schedules accordingly to their regular student schedules.

According to the Illinois State Board of Education, Peotone High School has averaged under 500 students enrolled since 2018.

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