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Kankakee County’s rolling 7-Day Positivity hits 8.0% for first time Sunday

Sunday marked the first time in the pandemic that Kankakee County alone hit the Illinois Department of Public Health's warning threshold for COVID-19 positivity.

KANKAKEE – Kankakee County’s rolling 7-day positivity rating hit 8.0% for the first time Sunday.

The rating, which factors in the previous seven days of reporting data, saw a climb to the statewide warning level for mitigation practices issued per region in Illinois. A rating system that has been widely criticized by politicians across Illinois, including Kankakee.

Area officials administered 3,828 tests in Kankakee County from October 16th to October 21st, resulting in 307 (8%) residents that were COVID-19 positive. 

That includes some 1,008 tests administered within the County on October 21st.  Of those administered for October 21st, 76 resulted in positives or nearly 8 out of every 100 residents tested on the day.

On Sunday, Will County’s seven-day positivity had fallen to 9.5%. Across Will County, 18,555 residents tested for the virus during the past week, resulting in 1,765 positive results.

Sunday, Region 7’s positivity rating remained flat at 9.3%.

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