What 9/11? Almost 10x deaths have now occurred from COVID-19


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We stand on an unbalanced scale this day in history, yet we have the nerve to say #CoronaWillEndSoon? 

That’s what’s trending today on Twitter. Trending, or disrespecting, nearly 30,000 people have now died in the United States due to COVID-19.  

That’s 10x the amount of people that died on September 11th. It’s 20x the number of people that died on the Titanic. The toll is a ways off from the total number of Americans that died in World War II, but we’re already 10% of the way there, and that in itself is terrifying when facing an invisible enemy.

The hashtag is fueled by a variety of ‘on the brightside’ pieces, with lower death counts reported over the weekend, due to most federal testing sites being closed due from either holiday or transition to state government entities and sudden talk of a returning to sports and movie theaters to see…Tenet?  

‘Seek pleasure; avoid pain,’ or facts for that matter.

Offense intended: If you’re one of the 10,000 Instagram stars riding those positive flames high you need to do us all a favor, sit the f*ck down and shove those heart seeking stats straight up your ass, because you will be the death of someone. The fact is, hidden outbreaks are all around us, we just don’t know about it, or aren’t being told.

Everything we hear leads to the contrary COVID-19 will end soon. Predictions of July, August, fall, these are nothing but words and dangerous pipe dreams fueled on the wings of hope to relax a public in a crisis.  The real truth? Saying ‘I don’t know when we can go back to normal’ is frowned upon in politics.

Or ignoring 200-year-old facts for that matter, with the Trump Administration did today saying it was ‘okay’ to relax E.P.A. regulations on Mercury pollution, despite scientists urging to tighten regulations. The man in charge of that stance, Andrew R. Wheeler, a former coal lobbyist and climate change denier appointed by Trump in 2019, not concerned in the least about the number of future birth defects, brain damage, learning disabilities, hearing impairments, cancerous tumors and psychological reactions including suicidal tendencies acute exposure gives not just humans, but all forms of life.

Because that’s what we need to be doing right now, fueling flames of stupidity. 

This isn’t new science. We’ve known about this since 1865 and probably longer considering the Terracotta Army is surrounded by an underground moat of the deadly substance, although that could be attributed to irony as well. 

Mercury was once thought to make you immortal by the Chinese.  

Point in place, this isn’t some sort of anti-OBAMA agenda; this is nearly two centuries of science tossed to the trash. The Trump administration is doing nothing but further inviting additional pain and suffering onto an unsuspecting public…for the second time.

Meanwhile, sports leagues of all sizes are considering radical ideas to come back to give the public an outlet for entertainment, while possibly putting the future of their own sports at risk? Here’s a question. What do sports mean to you? Would you trade a few games for the future of the game?

What if a league came back only to contract Coronavirus after a handful of games and have 50% of their talent never returns to the game again? You’re talking a diminished league, possible team contraction, flat stats and fan support falling through the floor with a decline in entertainment value.  

Would you be as quick to sacrifice MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA for a few games to not see it at its full potential for half a decade?  Maybe longer? Even Bank of America says it’s a bad idea!

You don’t play sports during a pandemic and you sure as hell don’t talk about returning to normal when normality is at least 2 years away. Live with the facts and own it, build and strengthen your mentality to it so you’re not shattered by false hope.  Don’t believe the models and be grateful when it does, finally, curb and crash. 

We haven’t approached the starting line yet, we’re damn sure nowhere near the finish. COVID-19 didn’t suddenly appear in America or on the World stage overnight. It’s not a show you can cut the stage lights too and deem it’s been ‘concluded’ nor something a simple hashtag will solve to brighten your mood on the day.

So is your mentality too fragile to understand what will make you and your family live and what could kill you? Or would you rather buy into a false narrative that’s constantly postdated with excuses?  

The decision is in your hands.

But remember, it’s okay to have “thoughts and prayers” involve some rational thinking too.

Shane Saathoff
Shane Saathoffhttp://www.SocialSnowball.com
An active writer for two decades, Shane's focuses on local news and events throughout the area, Shane is an active historian, science nerd, and tech geek. Shane is a native of Bourbonnais, IL, and alumni of Olivet Nazarene University.


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