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Will County Sheriff announces first inmate with COVID-19 at Adult Detention Facility

Sheriff Mike Kelley announced the first positive case of COVID-19 among inmates at the Will County Adult Detention Facility.  

“On Sunday, June 7, an outside police agency brought an individual to the Adult Detention Facility on a non-bondable offense.  The medical professionals from WellPath, who are contracted through the ADF, followed normal medical screening protocol upon the individual’s arrival. The individual passed the medical screening and was not experiencing any signs of the virus.”

“Following stringent procedures set in place for all incoming inmates, the individual was placed in a cell where he was required to stay during a 14-day quarantine.  During this period, all inmates are issued PPE and required to wear masks. These inmates are closely monitored daily by medical staff.”

“Yesterday afternoon, the individual had an unrelated medical emergency and was transported to an area hospital where he was treated.  While he was there, he tested positive for Covid-19.  The individual has since returned to the ADF where he remains in a negative airflow cell.”

The Sheriff says at no time was the individual in with the general population at the Adult Detention Facility.

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