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Saturday, May 21, 2022

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48 Hours of Death: 4,978 die from COVID-19 in US in two days, WHO reports

The World Health Organization reports this weekend 4,978 people died in the United States last Thursday and Friday due to COVID-19.  The 48 hour stretch marks the deadliest to date in the Country.

Health experts continue to warn of a second wave unless testing is expanded dramatically. 

While some institutions, like Riverside Healthcare, have set up shop  in Pembroke, Sun River Terrance, and on Monday Iroquois County to offer free testing, some tests have been reported to cost more than $100 dollars to some pandemic-questioning customers.

On Saturday, IDPH announced the expansion of free COVID-19 testing in Waukegan, one of the hottest spots in the State.  As of Sunday, Waukegan had 1,130 confirmed cases of the pandemic.

Saturday also saw Illinois climb to 2,559 deaths across the state.  There are now 58,505 cases of COVID-19 in Illinois

There have now been over 66,000 deaths in the U.S., according to John Hopkins University.

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