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Positive COVID-19 results from NY Governor says ‘Social Distancing’ is working

Suggests ‘Rolling Deployment’ to tackle COVID-19 Hospitalization needs

“The evidence says it is slowing the hospitalization rate,” Governor Cuomo said this morning, “The current projections say the Apex could be in 21 days.”

Virus cases continue to double every few days, the Governor said this morning during a coronavirus update. 

Days ago projections doubled every two days. Earlier this week projections said doubling occurred every 3.4 days. Today those same projections say cases double every 4.7 days.

Those projections still don’t leave the State out of the woods by any stretch. New York’s Governor said the State still needs 30,000 ventilators and has been able to acquire only 11,000, 7,000 purchased by the State of New York and 4,000 sent by the Federal Government. 

Hospitalization projections say the State will need 140,000 hospital beds at the peak of the curve. The State only has 53,000 beds as of current. “If we take all the state dormitories, 29,000 beds additionally. It’s still not the 140,000 you need, but then we’re looking at hospitals and nursing homes to make up the differential.”

Governor Cuomo asked the President today to consider a “Rolling Deployment” when considering addressing the needs of the nation due to a constant flux in hot-spots occurring throughout the U.S.

Cuomo suggests personally managing the “Rolling Deployment” adding his experience, personnel and lessons to the next hotspot in the U.S. “I will personally guarantee it and personally manage it.” the Govenor said today. “Our cases went up first. Our trajectory is first.”

New York is up to 30,000 positive cases of COVID-19.

Yesterday, NYC Mayor de Blasio predicted half of all New Yorkers will be infected with the disease in a video message.

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