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Hungry? Try a DGAF Meal from Burger King

Burger King has teamed up with Mental Health American for Mental Health Awareness Month (May) to provide an adjustment to that old Happy Meal stereotype that’s been running for decades.

Since the relationship connecting mental health and food is usually intensified through emotions and stress, it only makes sense for a vendor to use their distribution means to draw awareness to a decades old epidemic.

Hey, no one is happy all the time.  And that’s totally cool.

For this month only you can select your own Real Meal at Burger King, included with the purchase of a Whopper meal, you can select a box that matches your current mood:

Blue Meal


Pissed Meal


Salty Meal

As you can imagine, any big smiling boxes have been withheld from the selection.

The #FeelYourWay campaign is designed to stimulate conversations around mental health, including Anxiety which is the most common form of mental illness today, affecting over 40 million people adults.

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