Ford County, Illinois High School Confronts Third Threat This Week, Intensifies Security Measures


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Ford County, IL – A shadow of concern loomed over Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School once again Friday as another anonymous threat was reported, the third occurrence this week. 

School officials, in coordination with local authorities, implemented increased security measures following the most recent incident. Superintendent Travis Duley communicated directly with parents and guardians, affirming the administration’s diligent monitoring and investigation of each threat reported through the school’s online system.

The repeat of such incidents has brought a heightened state of vigilance to the school community. Despite the disruptions, Duley assures that the safety protocols in place are robust and effective. In his statement, the superintendent underscored the school’s proactive stance on safety and the priority given to the well-being of the students and staff. The increased presence of security personnel is one of the visible steps taken by the district.

While the specifics of the threats remain under wraps, the continuous efforts to safeguard the school environment are clear. The district, in partnership with law enforcement, is navigating this challenging week with a commitment to transparency and resolute action to ensure that education continues in a secure atmosphere. The Paxton community, though tested by these repeated threats, is responding with a collective determination to maintain a safe educational space for all.


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