Indiana Woman Killed in Dog Attack, Aggressive Animal Still at Large


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LOGANSPORT, Ind. — Authorities in Cass County are investigating a tragic incident where an 89-year-old woman, Beverly Hayden, was fatally attacked by her dog. 

According to investigators the attack occurred early Wednesday at her residence in the south 200 block of County Road 400 West, Logansport, Indiana. Cass County Sheriff’s Office led by Sheriff Ed Schroder, report Hayden was found in her living room, having succumbed to injuries inflicted by her one-hundred-pound pit bull.

The dog, which is black with a white chest and was not wearing a collar, escaped the home following the attack and remains at large. Despite extensive search efforts, including the deployment of a Logansport Police Drone, the dog has not been located. Residents are cautioned against approaching the animal and are urged to report any sightings to 911 immediately.

This incident has mobilized various local agencies for assistance, including the Cass County Animal Control and EMS. The sheriff’s office is actively investigating the circumstances of the attack and requests that anyone with additional information contact them at 574-753-7800.


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