Scott County, IA – Scam Alert: Increased Phone Scams Mimic Sheriff’s Office Calls


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Davenport, Iowa – The Scott County Sheriff’s Office in Iowa is warning residents of an uptick in phone scams, where fraudsters disguise their numbers to appear as if they are calling from actual sheriff’s department agencies. 

This scam, persisting for several years, has seen a recent increase, particularly around Scott County and Davenport. Scammers, using the names of real personnel from the sheriff’s office, falsely inform individuals that they must make a payment to avoid arrest warrants.

Authorities emphasize that the calls are sophisticated, with the scammers’ numbers often displaying as the Sheriff’s Office on caller IDs, adding a layer of deceit to the scheme. The public is reminded that law enforcement agencies do not contact individuals by phone to demand payments under any circumstances. 

Residents receiving such calls should hang up immediately and report the incident to the Scott County Sheriff’s Office. The community is urged to stay vigilant and inform vulnerable family and friends about this ongoing scam to prevent potential victimization.


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