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Allstate Auto Insurance policyholder? Expect $50 back soon due to less driving

Have Allstate Auto Insurance? Expect $50 back soon

Illinois based insurance agency Allstate is expected to return around $600 million in auto insurance premiums to customers due to ‘shelter-in-place’ orders around the World.

“First, we are providing our customers a shelter-in-place payback since they are driving less,” Allstate CEO Tom Wilson said in a conference call Monday. “We can see the drop in driving by day. In most states, driving mileage is down 35 to 50%. And this has happened even in states that don’t have shelter-in-place restrictions.”

Policyholders can expect a check soon. The auto insurer is expected to pay back up to $50 for each vehicle insured with the company. The company is offering payment relief options to customers during the COVID-19 crisis as well.


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