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Monday, August 15, 2022

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Papi’s Pizza at Northfield Square to remain open

In a sudden change of events, Papi’s Pizza Café has elected to keep the Northfield Square Mall location, open.  In a statement released Friday night on Facebook, Papi’s said:

“[The] Northfield Square Mall [location] will NOT be closing. Upon further discussion some of our staff would like to try and keep the mall location going and we have agreed to give it a try. Be advised this location offers a limited menu of pizza, breadsticks and salads (yes chopped salad included). The phone number will remain the same and you can still order through our online app. The hours are 11am-9pm Monday thru Saturday and 11am-6pm Sunday. You can dine in the food court, carryout or Papi’s will continue to deliver to the greater Kankakee area.”

Papi’s Pizza Café had announced earlier this week both their locations in Kankakee and Northfield Square Mall would be closing. The location at 150 E Station Street in Kankakee will close on September 19th.

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