California-Bound: Fugitive Arrested in DuPage County, Illinois Awaiting Extradition After Multi-State Crime Spree


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DuPage County, IL – The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies across multiple states culminated in the arrest of Maria Vlasceanu, a fugitive implicated in a series of crimes spanning seven states, including Illinois, Florida, and Pennsylvania. Vlasceanu, now detained in DuPage County, Illinois, faces extradition to California to answer charges that highlight her alleged involvement in locker burglaries and the unlawful use of credit cards.

The arrest on March 18 was the result of an intricate surveillance operation led by the Addison Investigations Section, in partnership with detectives from Elmhurst. The team identified and monitored a vehicle associated with Vlasceanu and a male accomplice, known to be connected to a string of reported burglaries and fraudulent credit card activities across the nation. A coordinated traffic stop facilitated by detectives, with support from night shift officers, successfully apprehended Vlasceanu.

This operation showcased the critical importance of interagency cooperation, with significant contributions from the Elmhurst and Oak Brook Police Departments, leading to Vlasceanu’s arrest and her subsequent detention at the DuPage County Jail. Her extensive criminal record, marked by various charges including burglary, unlawful use of credit cards, and forgery, underscores the severity of her alleged offenses.

The Addison Police Department has expressed gratitude towards the Elmhurst and Oak Brook Police Departments for their assistance in the operation. As Vlasceanu awaits the extradition process, the Addison Police Department underscores the legal principle of presumption of innocence, ensuring the community understands that each individual is entitled to a fair trial where the prosecution must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.


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