Chicagoland Weather Alert: Severe Storms with Tornadoes and Car-Denting Hail Possible East of I-39


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Chicago, IL – The National Weather Service in Chicago has issued an urgent weather alert for severe storms capable of producing tornadoes and hail large enough to dent cars, specifically targeting regions east of Interstate 39. Tonight’s forecast indicates a volatile system, with the highest threat centered in the eastern sectors of the Chicagoland area. The series of thunderstorms is expected to continue until Thursday morning, with early Wednesday potentially seeing the most severe activity.

Residents should be particularly cautious of the forecasted tornadoes, which although predicted to be brief, could still cause significant damage. Damaging wind gusts strong enough to down tree limbs are also on the radar, along with the possibility of hail that could inflict damage to vehicles. 

The National Weather Service emphasizes the importance of multiple reliable weather warning systems, advising the public to ensure at least one method is capable of waking them during the night for immediate action. As the storms roll through, the latter part of the week promises a shift to cooler, drier weather, granting a respite from the stormy conditions. Community members are encouraged to stay informed and prepared as this weather event unfolds.


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