Chicago’s Field Museum Unveils Egyptian-Themed Name for Majestic Spinosaurus Exhibit


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CHICAGO – The Field Museum has introduced a name steeped in ancient Egyptian mythology for its latest star attraction, a colossal Spinosaurus fossil. 

Standing at an astonishing 46 feet, the exhibit now proudly bears the moniker “Sobek,” paying homage to the crocodile-headed deity of Egypt. This name choice reflects the Spinosaurus’s river-dwelling nature and its origins in present-day Egypt.

The grand reveal of Sobek is a triumphant moment for the museum and its dedicated supporters. Over 31,000 enthusiastic participants engaged in a prehistoric naming poll, solidifying Sobek’s place as a cherished member of the museum’s fossil family. This response underscores the enduring fascination with Earth’s ancient inhabitants.

Sobek joins “Maximo” and “Sue” as some of the main attractions at the museum. Step into the Field Museum to be transported through time. Sobek’s captivating exhibit showcases the predator in a dynamic swimming pose, offering a glimpse into the Cretaceous Period, nearly 95 million years ago. Sobek’s crocodile-like physique and distinctive paddle-shaped tail illustrate its mastery of aquatic environments, a testament to its reign in North Africa’s prehistoric waterways.

As visitors explore, they’ll uncover more than just Sobek’s physical attributes. The exhibit delves into the intricate ties between modern creatures and their prehistoric counterparts, providing insights into the evolution of life over the ages. Sobek’s narrative extends beyond antiquity, serving as a bridge between the past and present, inviting contemplation of Earth’s rich history.

The Field Museum expresses gratitude to Kenneth C. Griffin, whose generous support enables Sobek’s presence as part of the Griffin Dinosaur Experience. This remarkable exhibit underscores the museum’s commitment to sharing the wonders of the ancient world with a diverse audience.

Plan a visit to the Chicago Field Museum’s Egyptian-themed Spinosaurus exhibit at Immerse yourself in the mysteries of ancient life and gain a profound appreciation for Earth’s intricate history.


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