Extreme Cold Warning: Frostbite Threat Looms in Midwest, Chicago with -30°F Wind Chills


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Chicago, IL – The Midwest is on high alert as the National Weather Service cautions of perilously low temperatures and wind chills this coming weekend into early next week. 

Chicagoans face a particularly brutal cold snap, with Saturday night forecasts predicting highs of merely 14 to 25 degrees, plummeting to a low of -5 to 2 degrees. The situation is expected to worsen by Sunday and Monday nights, with minimum wind chills reaching a hazardous -30 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit, putting individuals at a high risk of frostbite in less than half an hour of exposure.

According to health officials, frostbite can occur rapidly in such conditions, potentially leading to permanent damage or amputation if not treated promptly. Warning signs include numbness, tingling, or discoloration in fingers, toes, nose, and ears. In response to these predictions, city authorities are setting up warming centers and urging residents to minimize outdoor activities. Residents are also advised to check on vulnerable neighbors, ensure pets are indoors, and keep vehicles well-maintained to avoid breakdowns during this intense cold wave. 

Despite an expected “warm-up” to slightly below-normal temperatures by mid-week, the NWS stresses that caution should remain a priority.


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