From Playtime to Jail Time: Indiana Man’s Tipsy Ride on Power Wheels Jeep


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VINCENNES, IN – They say everyone needs a little adventure in their life, but 51-year-old John McKee of Vincennes, Indiana, might have taken that advice a bit too literally. 

According to Indiana State Police, McKee found himself behind the wheel of a child’s Power Wheels Jeep, with an unexpected twist – he was under the influence.  

Reports say it happened late Wednesday night, around 9:00 p.m., the quiet streets of Knox County saw an unusual sight – a grown man cruising down the road in a miniature Jeep meant for kids. An Indiana State Trooper on his routine patrol, couldn’t believe his eyes as he witnessed the peculiar scene unfold in the 2500 block of North 2nd Street. The tiny vehicle, lacking any proper lights or reflectors, must have seemed like something out of a surreal dream.

As laughter gave way to sobering reality, Trooper Buchanan pulled over the Power Wheels Jeep, effectively ending McKee’s not-so-joyful joyride. What followed was a series of sobriety tests that McKee, not surprisingly, failed.

But the story doesn’t end there. A trip to the local Hospital revealed a chemical cocktail in McKee’s system that would give even the most daring mixologist pause – a combination of methamphetamine and marijuana. It’s unclear whether McKee was aiming for a unique playtime experience or simply got lost on his way to the nearest go-kart track.

McKee’s whimsical escapade took a serious turn as he was promptly arrested and escorted to the Knox County Jail. The charges are no laughing matter, as he faces a Level 6 Felony for Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated with a Prior Conviction. This misadventure serves as a stark reminder that grown-ups and toys don’t always make a safe combination.


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