Hayli’s Law Makes Lemons Into Lemonade


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When “Hayli’s Law”, also known as Senate Bill 3459 was passed by the Illinois Public Health Committee on Tuesday, March 3rd, it launched the dreams of many young entrepreneurs, and rekindled the memories of Iva Martinez’s battle with authorities, over the shutdown of her daughter’s lemonade stand.

The bill, sponsored by Senator Patrick Joyce’s office, and co-sponsored by Senator Mattie Hunter (D) along with Senator Steve Stadelman (D is expected to be voted on by the full Senate in April, would eliminate any requirements such as licenses, permits, or fees to sell lemonade or other non-alcoholic beverages from individuals under the age of 16.

On Tuesday, March 10th, the Bill added Chief Co-Sponsor Senator Jason Plummer (R) to its list of supporters.

“I can’t stress enough that we should allow our young entrepreneurs to dream big without any hurdles,” Joyce Said. “Hayli’s law is extremely important to me because I once was kid with a dream to own my own business.”

“I didn’t like the way the Fire Department, and County Health Department and others treated her”, said Iva, of her daughter, Hayli, and her lemonade stand. “Why was Hayli’s (stand) shut down, out of all of them? There was a stand selling dog treats and Lemonade on North St. in Kankakee”. 

“She didn’t even want to do (the lemonade stand) again,” said Iva. “In one way it discouraged her, in another it empowered her”.

That empowerment came in the form of music, which Hayli and Iva turned their attention toward, after authorities from Kankakee County’s Health Department closed their lemonade stand, citing “beverage bottles (that were) reused, relabeled, frozen, packaged, and sold offsite, with other ingredients, not allowed at other locations from a residence not licensed to do so and having no water or sewer in which to wash hands or use the restroom properly”, said Kankakee County Public Health Administrator John Bevis, who also said that “the matter was eventually corrected”.

Hayli’s musical talent was on full display, as she was the deejay at the United Center before the Chicago Bulls took on the Los Angeles Clippers on December 14th, 2019. This adventure was made possible by her interaction with “Kidz Korna”, a Chicago-based non-profit organization created to empower youth, started by Farley Keith “Jackmaster Funk” Williams, and wife Delece Williams.

With their help, Hayli was signed by Vara records, out of Atlanta. She now has a single called “I need a Wonzie”, which is available on Tidal, Soundcloud, and other digital platforms, while she continues to grow her fan base. She continues to promote “Haylibugz Lemonade” on Facebook as well.

The bill’s passage by the committee came at a surprise time for Iva and Hayli.

“When Senator (Patrick) Joyce’s office called, we were surprised, said Iva. She recalls being so stressed out by the ordeal, while she was temporarily working at Meijer, and catching up on the sewer and water bills that had been part of the controversy. 

“I’m so grateful to Senator Joyce”, she said, as well as mentioning others from his office, and with the state, including Robert Ellington-Snipes, Steven Hunter, Gloria Kennedy, Lobbyist Ashley Munson, and personnel from Illinois Policy.

As for Hayli, she is not only excited for herself, but for other kids who have dreams of running their own business as well.

“They are excited and have joy back in their hearts, and no one can take their dreams away from them anymore”, she said.

Hayli also thanked “Patrick Joyce’s office, my fans, my mother, and Country Time Lemonade”. The lemonade giant reimbursed Hayli for her lost revenue and helped contribute to her education as well.

Bevis also wanted to be clear in his support for Hayli, as well as other young business people. 

“The Kankakee Health Department has, does and will continue to support young entrepreneurs who wish to help raise funds by selling lemonade, and we have never required a license or fee”, Bevis said. 

“We can offer suggestions on how to set up a successful stand and provide education to anyone willing to receive it regarding proper hygiene, safe handwashing practices, and safe food service”, he added. “It is great to see the young lady take a stand to help create language and a law that will help others to follow in the footsteps of past lemonade stands to help raise money, fund charities and quench thirst on a hot summer day”.


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