Illinois, Indiana Pet Owners: Keep Your Companions Safe During Monday’s Solar Eclipse


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Chicago, IL – With a solar eclipse set to plunge parts of Illinois and Indiana into darkness, pet owners are advised to keep their animals indoors to safeguard against unexpected behavioral changes. The rare event may disrupt animals’ internal clocks, leading to disorientation or stress-induced reactions.

Veterinary professionals from Texas A&M, including Dr. Kristina Paradowski and Dr. Isabelle Louge, highlight that pets could become confused as daytime briefly turns to night, triggering behaviors usually associated with storms or anxiety. To prevent pets from starting their nighttime routines during the eclipse or reacting fearfully, maintaining a normal environment and routine is essential.

For pets already prone to anxiety, the eclipse may exacerbate their stress. Paradowski advises offering reassurance and sticking to regular feeding and play schedules as a distraction. Keeping pets indoors also serves to protect them from the potential dangers of increased traffic and the activities of crowds drawn by the eclipse.

While the impact on pets’ vision is uncertain, precautionary measures are recommended, such as avoiding prolonged sky-gazing that might intrigue pets to look up. Large animals, too, may be affected. Owners should ensure they are in secure areas, reducing the risk of injury should they become spooked.

This eclipse presents a unique spectacle for humans, but for pets, it could be a source of significant anxiety. By heeding expert advice, Illinois and Indiana residents can help their pets navigate this event safely and without distress.


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