Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana Set for Spectacular Northern Lights Show, Visible as Far South as Alabama and Tennessee


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Tonight, residents across the Midwest and beyond are poised for a spectacular display of the Northern Lights, thanks to a severe solar storm striking Earth’s atmosphere. The storm, triggered by a series of coronal mass ejections that began impacting the planet early Friday, is expected to produce vivid auroral activity visible from northern Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, and the Dakotas, with possible sightings as far south as northern Alabama, Tennessee, Missouri, Colorado, parts of Oregon, New York, West Virginia, and even Washington D.C.

The Space Weather Prediction Center has confirmed that the geomagnetic disturbances from the solar flares could disrupt satellite communications and power grids, but they also bring the rare opportunity to witness the aurora borealis in areas far south of their usual visibility. The best viewing times are projected to be late Friday into early Saturday, with the potential for cloud cover to obscure the lights in some areas.

Aurora enthusiasts and night sky watchers are encouraged to find dark, clear skies away from city lights to enjoy this natural phenomenon. The vibrant colors and shimmering lights of the aurora are not just a beautiful sight; they are a reminder of the dynamic and powerful forces that continuously shape our planet’s atmospheric phenomena.


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