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Indiana Beach expected to reopen later this year

Campground may open as early as May 1st

Indiana Beach is set to reopen under a new owner.

The new owner, Gene Staples, president of Indiana Beach Holdings, LLC announced earlier today on the White County Economic Development Facebook page he’s the new owner of the historic  amusement park.

“Once again it will become a family run Midwestern amusement park,” Staples stated about Indiana Beach. “It’s still a vintage amusement park and we’re going to take care of what we can take care of over those next few months.”

Staples is a Chicago area resident and a US Navy Veteran.  Staples said today there are many small improvements that need to be done, including lots of painting, but that there is still yet a lot to do for the facility.

Histirocially Indiana Beach campgrounds have become a regular seasonal attraction.  Staples said they could open this year as early as next Month. “Our intention is to open the campground on May 1st as is viable or allowable, pursuant to the health and safety of the guests, the state and all that.” Staples explained due to COVID-19 challenges facing the country.

“It’s important improvements that we talked about may not provide a return on investments, but to me, the one thing that’s lacking is a lot of attention to detail and we’re slowly going to be doing that attention to detail,” Staples said today. “I can do something about preventing the loss of another one of America’s icons, because they’re becoming less and less. The vintage amusement park is fallen prey unfortunately, we’re losing Americana.”

Indiana Beach opened nearly a century ago before announcing earlier this year the facility was closing.

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