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No sew face mask options to prepare for May 1st in Illinois

State of Illinois residents will be required to wear a face covering of some kind when out in public places, beginning May 1st.  The CDC has been pushing those same recommendations for people worldwide since the pandemic began when interacting in places like grocery stores, pharmacies and other communal businesses.

No face masks? No problem.  T-Shirt and scissors have you covered, literally, at no cost to meet the requirements for Illinois’ May 1st mandate.

While PPE is still in short supply, there are many other ways you can prepare yourself for the date with simple items found around the house, including no-sew options with just an old t-shirt and scissors.

These are general facemasks for limited personal interaction purposes and not considered medically sound for interacting with people known to have COVID-19.

T-Shirt Face Mask Option 1

What you need: Old T-Shirt, Rubber Bands

Source: Surgeon General’s Office

T-Shirt Face Mask Option 2

What you need: Old Shirt, filter, hair ties

T-Shirt Face Mask Option 3

What you need: Sock or T-Shirt, Scissors, Kleenex

Source: ABC 7

There are also a wide variety of masks sold through independent entrepreneurs and shops for general face coverings.  Just check out some listed on Mercari right now.

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