Indiana Unveils Search for Coolest Thing Made in the State: Innovations Galore Await


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Leesburg, IN –  Innovation takes center stage as the Indiana Chamber launches its hunt for the most impressive creations within the state’s borders. The eagerly anticipated Coolest Thing Made in Indiana competition is now accepting submissions, promising a riveting showdown of cutting-edge ingenuity and manufacturing prowess.

Last year’s champion, Maple Leaf Farms of Leesburg, secured victory with its delectable roast half duck. As the competition heats up, companies, whether Indiana-based or not, are vying to claim the title, provided their product is crafted within the state.

The triumphant contender will bask in the spotlight, featured prominently in the pages of the esteemed BizVoice magazine and granted an exclusive appearance on the dynamic Chamber podcast. Among the early entrants, Abbey Caskets’ elegantly minimal Monastic Casket and J. Schnell Woodworks’ clever TV lift cabinet showcase the diversity of Indiana’s innovation.

From precision machining to 3D-printed spinal braces and even an impeccable Batmobile replica, the Coolest Thing Made in Indiana contest demonstrates the remarkable range of the state’s creative spirit. Entries like the Caterpillar C175-20 diesel engine and Wood-Mizer’s iconic portable sawmills underscore Indiana’s status as a manufacturing powerhouse.

Stay tuned for real-time updates as this captivating competition unfolds. Will your groundbreaking creation take the spotlight? Don’t miss your chance to join the ranks of Indiana’s innovators—submit your entry now on the Indiana Chamber’s website.


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