Indianapolis, IN – January in Indiana: From Snowstorms to Pothole Battles


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Indianapolis, IN – Indianapolis has experienced a tumultuous January, marked by severe winter weather and a swift transition to widespread pothole issues. 

According to the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), the state has faced a challenging month with relentless snowstorms and extreme cold, leading to continuous Winter Operations. The recent shift in weather patterns, including freeze-thaw cycles, has severely impacted road conditions, especially on heavily trafficked routes.

INDOT acknowledges the tough conditions and is actively addressing the rampant pothole problem. Crews are reportedly working overtime to repair roads as quickly as possible. INDOT urges drivers to be cautious of prevalent potholes and to exercise patience and care around road crews. 

The department has also shared images of their dedicated staff, who have transitioned from managing snow removal in yellow trucks to tackling pothole repairs, highlighting their hard work and commitment amidst limited time with their families.


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